Monday, May 2, 2011

Personal Thoughts

This is typically not where I post anything unrelated to writing, but it is my blog and I will damned well do what I please.

No I didn't know anyone directly affected in any of the attacks of 9/11. But I think as an American, growing up believing that our nation is protected, watching news of wars and believing it would never happen here, to wake up that morning and see what can never merely be put into words, shook me. Whether it was praying for the families affected by this horrible crime against our citizens, or simply watching the news coverage in shock of what was happening on American soil, I don't feel anyone could truly NOT be affected by what happened.

Yes I admit to crying last night when I heard the news. Like closure to an open wound, the enemy we have sought for over 10 years, the man who openly spewed his hatred for our country, was brought to justice. 

There are no words for me to say right now other than thoughts and prayers to the families who continue to mourn the loss of their loved ones so horribly affected by this tragedy. I may not agree with Obama or his politics, but I will say that he hit the nail on the head by saying the worst images from 9/11 were those unseen, the empty spots at the dinner tables, children who were forced to grow up without a parent, or parents that would never feel their child's embrace.