Sunday, April 25, 2010

Writer's Block - So this is what all the fuss is about?

How is it that a person that prides themselves on being able to put thoughts, dreams, fantasy and anything else on paper, suddenly stumbles upon a writer's block from a friend asking to write a blog for them?

I have been one of the few out of the circle of creative friends I have that has never had that problem. Never able to understand when people say they can't think of what to write, because its never been an issue. I may stumble over something I'm writing but I always have been able to move on and just write about something else. Now I sit and look at a blank document, and a message from aforementioned friend, and I'm drawing a blank.

It brings me to question my ability as a writer at times. I always think shouldn’t it be harder for me to write? I ponder if I should have a harder time getting ideas out. You hear stories about all the great writers and things they would have to do, lock themselves into rooms for days to keep the flow going, never stopping writing for fear of losing their thought process with any interruption. Having never experienced that since I picked the idea of Devrynne, the lead character in my book, it puzzles me.

Then I sit and I realize, he has only asked for a blog, be it whatever I choose and I could ramble for days with that kind of leeway. It’s not like he asked me to sit and write him a book to post in his blog, he just asked for a few words. Why is something like writing a book is seeming like the easier of the two right now? Perhaps it is just how I’ve always been, able to tackle huge tasks, the more detailed and time consuming the better, but I panic over the small stuff. Who knows. Perhaps in writing this blog that you're reading I am procrastinating, by far the biggest hang-up to almost every writer I’ve spoken with. Maybe if I attempt to write his blog… it will just come to me… We’ll see.

**side note** Yes, sitting down and just starting to write was the correct choice as I managed to write two separate blogs for him. Thank you Mike for the opportunity to let a detailed mind ramble.

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  1. Usually there is no fuss regarding writers block, sometimes its a fear of failing or looking a fool.