Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Excerpt - Address In The Stars

The night offers little solitude from her thoughts, just as she had originally expected. She turns in the bed, pulling away from Brody’s hold and grins softly against his arm as he mumbles and rolls away from her. Wrapping his oversized dress shirt around her naked form she inhales against the collar and quietly leaves the bedroom, closing the door behind her.
Walking quietly through his house, not snooping, just taking it all in, all that is the essence of Brody Davitovitch. She smiles softly to herself as she scoops her purse up off the couch where it had been tossed and walks from the front hall to the small office he’d shown her on the grand tour of his less than modest house. Pulling the small cord on the lamp on the desk, light covers the desk and she sits in his overstuffed leather chair, still grinning. She pulls out the leather bound journal from her purse, dropping the bag to the floor and grabs a pen from the holder, flipping open to the first blank page in the back.

Dear Mama, September 27th
Well I’ve done it now. Brody is… WOWZA. Mama you should have warned me even when I was little to be careful with men like him. He’s got the fame, the fortune, the charm and I can almost hear my heart breaking into a million pieces already. What the hell he sees in dowdy old me is anyone’s guess, but I’m not gonna sit here and knock it too much.

He took me to Casa Dorsia for dinner tonight. I know this is California and it is expected or something, but the waiting list for that place is two months in advance. I don’t like LA that much though. I prefer being on set in Camden out in the middle of nowhere away from people. How’s that for introverted? HAHA!

He’s just so full of life Mama, I know I’m falling already. I can almost hear the lecture, so I will close this entry for now, also would like to write another scene for the episode I’m working on, deadlines are a bitch when you can’t focus! Love you Mama… miss you.


Jessamyn closed the journal, wrapping the leather straps around it a few times and looked around Brody’s desk. Pictures scattered the mahogany top, Brody’s beautiful, smiling face staring back. There is no doubt why the man got into acting, his face screamed for people to be jealous at how fate had blessed him with his looks.
She finds a blank legal pad on the far side of his desk and starts to scribble notes and outlines for the scenes in an upcoming episode of the show, the deadline for first draft was in a week and she’d barely started. She finally yawns four pages later and decides that’s enough for the night.
Tearing off the pages she’d written on, she puts the pad and the pen back in its spot and stands grabbing her purse, looking up she jumps as she sees Brody appear out of the darkened hall.
“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you,” he said with a chuckle, coming and kissing the side of her face, his arms wrapping around her waist. She holds on to him, the familiar rush of butterflies rushing through her stomach makes her grin as she squeezes her arms tighter, his lips starting to wander down the side of her neck. The grin on her face turns into a chuckle and her eyes open, glancing against the rows of books on the wall behind him before looking at his icy blue eyes. Something had caught her attention though and she stiffens as her eyes fall back to the shelf behind him, her mouth opening in shock as she pushes past him.
“Jess?” he asks and watches her walk to the shelf, her hand rising, slender fingers touching the spine of a very worn leather book and he feels his heart start to race in his chest.
Sliding her fingers up the spine she grips it and pulls it from its resting place on the shelf. Almost as if she’s afraid, she undoes the clasp on the front and flips open the cover to reveal her penmanship that lined the inside cover with random quotes and tears fill her eyes. Emotion chokes her, embarrassment, anger and hurt written in her dark brown eyes as she turns to face him.
“Jess please, I can explain,” he said quickly inching forward towards her and she backed up shaking her head.
“For five years I thought the record of my life, the biggest pieces of my history in the written word, were lost forever. How in the hell did you get this?” She questioned, her body starting to tremble as she remembered all the sketches, pictures and information that the journal contained. “Better yet, how long have you known who I was?”
“Only a few weeks,” he started. “I found that in a cab I got into at LAX and there was no information on who to send it to. Something wouldn’t let me throw it away and then a few weeks ago, in the lake, I saw your necklace and it’s the same as the drawing on page thirty-seven and I ju-.”
“Stop. Page thirty-seven?” she asked in shock, her breathing coming in pants as she thought she was going to throw up. “Not only did you read it, you’ve read it enough to know the page numbers?”
Brody looked at the floor and she felt like her world had been tipped upside down. She grabbed her purse, holding both of her belongings close to her as she moved past him and headed back to the bedroom. Pulling on her pants she buttoned them, trying to fight the onslaught of hysterical sobs that she knew were coming.
“Jess, please. I know it’s private, but I didn’t know it was you.”
“But you have known for a month Brody. For a month! When I finally confided in you tonight about my mother, about the journals I keep, how silly and childish I feel at times for writing letters to a woman that has been dead for near twenty years, you already knew. How do you expect me to take that?” Her lower lip started to tremble as the tears started to spill. “How do you ever expect me to recover knowing that some of my most private thoughts, things no man should ever know, you know with enough detail to tell me what page they’re on?”
“Well I would think it would make you realize how much I’ve been taken with you without even having met you, kind of like flattery,” he said with a shrug and she slapped him.
“Stay away from me Brody,” she said through clenched teeth and left, slamming the door behind her.

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