Thursday, July 8, 2010

Feeling A Little Less Alone in the Great Big Author-ly World

I stumbled upon a blog from a Twitter post today that seriously made me ponder if I have a twin somewhere. This author wrote about being an emotional roller coaster so to speak, and was wondering if she would be happier finding calm which could ultimately make her writing suffer. So she asked the question of other writers and artists if they were able to find a balance or not because she believed that Artists cannot be what they are and have inner peace.

This is a topic that has always intrigued me and I will tell you why.

I come from a family that literally puts the fun in dysfunctional some days, but don’t we all? I have a long line of depression in my family and will admit to being treated for clinical depression at one point in my life too. You know what worked better than any pill they threw at me? Writing.
There are many nights that pass, after the kids are in bed, work is done for the day, when I’m either out watching the stars or finally alone in the shower that the weight of the day hits and I break down. I admit to crying over something almost daily, whether it’s something sad or happy, you can bet money I will have shed a few tears daily.

Do I like being this way? Some days, yes. Other days, not so much.

But don’t go getting all preachy on me and give me any of your psychobabble speeches, I don’t want or need it because I’m perfectly happy with how I am.

I’m tired of the old adage that you are what you think. That’s bullshit, I’m sorry. If everyone believed they were a certain way there would be no need to still have hate crime laws, there would be no need for medical treatments for mental disorders, there would be no need for cliques and groups. If it were true that you could simply ‘think’ your way into a better life then Ian Somerhalder and Jensen Ackles would be beating down my door fighting for my hand in marriage. Hehehe, I’m not delusional enough to believe that will ever happen, so no one else should be either.

The writer of the blog also mentioned about keeping up the fa├žade of normal, or serene calm, an act that in and of itself is a full time job to most. And I also so a comment on there that spoke that this is not exclusive to writers or artists as it is a way of the world. On that I call bullshit. I have had the joy of interacting with thousands of people because of the company I work for and the ones who I’ve spoken to about this subject are divided. You can tell the creative souls from the society labeled ‘normal’ people any day of the week and twice on Sunday. The ones that are creative, however that creativity may come out, are emotional, labeled often as dramatic and moody, unpredictable. The ones that aren’t, are labeled as the Poster boys and girls of the corporation, the “Team-Players”. So no I don’t believe that it’s a human nature thing, I think it’s a creative soul thing.

Either way I would love to commend Jessica Digiacinto for her lovely post at and Joanna Penn for posting it on Twitter today. Jessica has said what I think a lot of writers feel but never speak of.

Joanna Penn can be reached on Twitter at or at her website

Jessica Digiacinto can be found on Twitter at or at her website

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