Friday, August 20, 2010

Looking Back... It all seems so easy now...

The Book is officially done.

Well okay, the writing part of it anyway…. Now comes the hard part.

There are very few people in my face-to-face circle that will ever understand the string of emotions that went into not only the writing of this book, but the finishing of it as well. All of you reading this are probably writers in some extent and you can possibly understand what I mean.

I had it all mapped out, how many chapters, how it would end, what my final line would be. I wrote the last chapter months ago just to have a point that I knew I needed to get to, just to keep me focused. But do you want to hear something funny? That last chapter isn’t the one that will be published as the last chapter of the book.

I sat down two weeks ago on a Saturday evening, determined to finish it that weekend. By my outline I had 6 chapters to write. Several hours later, after I’d promised my boyfriend two hours previous that I would be right to bed in just a ‘few more sentences’, I typed the last sentence of what was 3rd chapter left, per the outline. I sat there stunned for a few moments as I realized that was it. The story had been told and anything past that was just needless filler. Upon realizing this I burst into tears. A house full of sleeping children, pets and aforementioned boyfriend, I had to be quiet. 2:15 AM and I had just reached the biggest goal of my life, and there was no one to share it with.

Bring on TWITTER!

It was a blessing to be able to shout from the rooftops figuratively that I’d accomplished something. Whether or not this book ever makes it to print, I, Samantha Anderson, have written a book.

So now I sit and I look back over this process that in essence has been 6 years in the making… but not really. See I would write about the main characters, doing hobby writing in bits and pieces, never thinking more of it. Then I finally decided to write a book. Much procrastinating and what I thought would be at the very least a 2-3 year process of actually writing the book, only took just over 5 and a half months.

So needless to say I now have a big head and it seems like such a piece of cake. I’m sure by the time I start tackling the second book I will be right back to the fear and self-loathing that came about with the first one… who knows.

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