Saturday, September 11, 2010

REVIEW - Dying Light by D. Scott Meek


Okay so I’ve done the nicey-nice review thing on the facebook page, and on amazon, now time for me to tell you all something…

If you haven’t read Dying Light by D. Scott Meek, you are seriously missing out.

I wasn’t a fan of the Matrix the way others were but that also might be because I was barely 18 when it came out, and the sole focus on my brain was guys and being an ignorant almost-adult. However the older I got when I watched it, the more I appreciated the intricacies that made it what it was. Now at almost 30, the same is happening all over again with Mr. Meek’s book.

Dying Light is a beautiful tale that will put you in the middle of a web of details, most of which made me feel that I wanted to dissect Scott’s brain and find out the inner workings of it.

The thing that struck me the most is in the midst of all of the details not only about the characters, but about the setting and locale of the story, was the fact that even though I felt this book and his style of writing was light-years ahead of me, I could understand it. I’m a writer, but I started out as a reader first, and the more I write the more it seems my desire to read has suffered. This book reminded me why I still love to read and how much I’ve completely missed the relationship, the relationship between reader and the story.

In a post World War 3 setting, where you have hover craft vehicles for every day use, man’s own personal dark ages is upon them all because of a blood virus that has rendered masses of people to be labeled as ‘Vampyres’. These people, just like so much of our culture now, are different and the people society would label as normal want nothing more than to annihilate them.

The other big thing I felt in this story, something I’ve never really been able to do in mine and what I’m seeing now in multiple up and coming authors works, is the ability to tell a multi-faceted story from multiple characters points of view. You will see the world of D. Scott Meek’s characters through their eyes, each one with different directions, different desires, dreams, fears etc. And the clincher to all of that is that you will, on some level at least, relate with all of them. Whether it be with Charlotte’s loyalty-bound servitude, or with Anna’s fear of facing her own mortality. Either way it will captivate you.

I pride myself on being a reader who can pick up a book when she wants and just read for the sole purpose of reading, or losing myself in another world for awhile. I don’t watch release dates for sequels or other books by even my favorite authors. However Scott’s ability to tell a story, to suck you in all the way to the final words of the last page is wonderful in a way that only a few other authors have ever done for me.

Well done Mr. Meek, Well done.

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  1. Hard to know what to say, so I will leave you with my undying thanks for your words and your support. I think part two will totally blow everyone away!