Friday, October 15, 2010

REVIEW - Matilda Raleigh: Invictus by Chris Kelly


Everyone knows old people are senile. Okay sorry, I’m not being very politically correct. Senior citizens. Better? Haha.

The reason I say this is because I recently read a book by up and coming author, Chris Kelly. Matilda Raleigh: Invictus is a tale of a woman who is far past her prime, quite literally on her death bed, but afraid to give up the fight and succumb to her own mortality. Oh and did I mention she talks to herself? Okay well not really herself, to a demon tied to a pair of percussion revolvers. So I’ll say it again, seniors are senile...

Seventy-two Matilda Raleigh strikes me as a woman that has had a hard life and is now staring death in the face. This tale is told from an era where women were supposed to be prim and proper and Matilda doesn’t seem to fit that criteria at all. She’s tough as nails and to be honest reminds me of one of my grandmothers. We all have one, the grandmother that was brutally honest no matter how bad we felt we needed sugar-coating, it was almost as if it was beneath her. If you’ve ever had a grandmother like that, you will love this story.

Told from the world as it was in 1912, when the British Empire is facing a magical threat to the likes no one has ever seen, Matilda must now choose to take on people that quite possibly could be the death of her, to save a world she is about to leave forever.

I think Chris captured some very pure emotions in his characters, told from Matilda’s perspective, a woman who’s keen sense is almost as appealing as the secrets of her past. Secrets that will keep you turning the pages to find out more of.

I will say that even though this is a historical fiction of sorts, it was appealing the way he has tied certain elements into this. Things that someone who, like myself, may not be a history buff can find appealing and will make you want to read more of. And it is all tied into a thrilling tale of a woman who you will sympathize with on some level no matter what situation she is in. And did I mention that she has a demon living in her head?

What Chris has done beautifully is capture what will be at the heart of most of us someday, facing death and choosing to give up and just lay down and die, or go out in a blaze of glory. He has done this all while throwing enough real-life emotion, thrilling action and effortless humor into the story as well. Overall impressive read, way to go Chris!

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