Thursday, January 13, 2011

Soundtrack for a Killer

Okay so I kind of borrowed this idea from Ian Somerhalder. He recently did an interview about what would be Damon Salvatore’s playlist. Got me thinking about Devrynne Kaine, the lead character in my book The Devil’s Angel, and what songs would I would use to make a soundtrack about her or about the book.

So here goes…

Rev 22:20 by Puscifer – This song is the epitome of Devrynne. For those that don’t know the book or the character, she is death and destruction all wrapped up in seduction. This song personalizes that. Christ is coming , and so am I. You would too if the sexy devil caught your eye.

Like Suicide by Seether – This song has a line in it that made me think of Devrynne every time I heard it. You’ve set me up to F’ing fail this time, She’s coming over wearing genocide, and it’s the same old trip, the same old trip as before… The song is gritty and cruel and I love it.

Pain by Three Days Grace – This song has a lot of meaning behind it not only for Devrynne but for a woman who wrote with me for years and helped to cultivate me into the kind of writer I am now. ‘Cuz I’d rather feel pain than nothing at all.  This speaks volumes as to Devrynne’s personal feelings. Misunderstood, yes. But very simplistic if you think about it.

Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin – Say goodbye as we dance with the devil tonight. Don’t you dare look at him in the eye as we dance with the devil toniiiiiiiiiight. Can you feel it? This song is partially what began Devrynne’s twisted story, one of many I might add. No list would be complete without a little Breaking Benjamin.
*Honorable Mention* Crawl and What Lies Beneath are distant runner ups to this by BB.

Lucifer’s Angel by The Rasmus – I mean honestly, the title kind of says it all doesn’t it? Fly away, fly away, From the torch of blame they hunt you, Lucifer's Angel. Never lived, you never died, your life has been denied. They call you Lucifer's Angel. <-- This could be the theme song for the book I swear!

Broken Dreams by Shaman’s Harvest – My sister is going to kick my butt for this one because I would never know it if it wasn’t for her, but this speaks volumes of Devrynne. Out of time so say goodbye. What is yours now is mine. I dream broken dreams, I’ll make them come true, I’ll make them for you…

Not Meant to Be by Theory of a Deadman – If you’ve read the book then you know about Sebastian and Devrynne’s love for him. If you haven’t I will tell you this… the person that Sebastian is written about was a very big part of my creative life many years ago. The emotion in their jacked up relationship is 100% personal. This song is very much the heart and soul of their relationship. It’s never enough to say I’m sorry, it’s never enough to say I care. Nobody wins when everyone’s losing…

Addicted by Saving Abel/Get Stoned by Hinder – These two songs are a tie and perfectly describe in different ways the love that Devrynne has for Luc. Read the book and you may understand, chances are you may not, but in that case listen to the songs.

So there you have it… the music behind the madness.

What about you? Do you have any tunes that you think describe the characters you write to a T? What are they and why?

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  1. You and your obsession with Ian, I tell ya. lol Any of us who rp, or at least have a favorite character, tend to have a soundtrack to our characters, but when it comes to original characters like your's it just makes it more fun.