Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No I Haven't Died... Yet

Just so you all know, I’m still here, just being quiet and watching the world around me unfold.
I’ve not blogged in a while about anything aside from reviews and interviews. All that is well and good and you may have noticed that I’ve stopped that as well. There is a reason for everything and no it isn’t that I’ve abandoned followers or anything like that. Let’s face it, in my little niche of the world, very few people outside of my personal and professional life give a damn what I have to say…

Or so I thought…

I’ve gotten several messages, mainly stemming from people who have linked back to my facebook page from here, asking if I’ve gotten burned out on blogging, writing, etc. The answer is mixed, 50% Yea, 50% No.
Here is why.

Time is the biggest reason. The second biggest is because I did what I came to do here.

When I got off my ass and started writing my book, I did it because I wanted to physically hold a copy of a book I wrote in my hands, see my name on it and know that I did what a lot of people said I wouldn’t.
I’ve done that.

I’ve said all along that I don’t care if I get famous, I don’t care if I make a dime off it. If at least one person outside of my family and close circle of friends has read my work, whether they loved it or hated it, I’d accomplished my goal. Case closed.

But somewhere along the line, when I self-published, I was catapulted into this standard of being an ‘indie-author’. Bullshit. I would be a sellout if I felt that I had written something worth literary recognition. I would be harassing agents left and right.

I have gotten into several long email debates with people I considered to be a wealth of information of things in this world because frankly I don’t buy into titles or putting people into boxes. People that think I need a pep talk to ‘stick with it’ or need to be told that ‘if you persevere and are patient, it gets better’. In the words of Rhett Butler, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!”

I have a full time job and family, I am planning a wedding, trying to keep my sanity and still write… the fact that I can put together a cognitive thought by 9pm is a miracle. To be an indie author means doing EVERYTHING on your own. Works great for some people who all they have is time to blog and get followers and market, market, market. I’m not picking on those people, it works for them and I’m extremely proud. But those self-proclaimed indie gurus, in my opinion, are one massive book deal away from signing their lives over to the devil they supposedly despise. Everyone has a price, it’s just finding the right one.
Fact is, I’m here, to help anyone with any insight I have about the process I CHOSE, not because I didn’t feel that I would never get a deal with traditional publishing, not because I thought indie publishing was the best thing ever, but simply because I was impatient and wasn’t looking for fame or fortune.

So to my lovely followers who have emailed and messaged me… Thank you for your concern. I do not have writer’s block, procrastination yes, writer’s block, no. I can write if I sit down to do so, no problem. I do not have the time to sit and interview a new author every week, nor do I have the time to read a book a week and post a review on it. The reviews and interviews will continue, just not every week as I had originally planned. Plans are made so they can be changed, that simple ;)

But I am still alive and well. Never fear.

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